What is Ziro?


Complete Experiential Learning Platform

Ziro delivers immersive experiential learning through hands-on design exploration using groundbreaking IoT Robotics system.

Gain deeper practical understanding of core concepts and develop valuable skills for your future.


Why is Ziro Special?


10x Learning With IoT Robotics

Ziro uses IoT to simplify Robotics. Build robots and gizmos in minutes for use as learning props. No wires, no mess. Millions of design possibilities with interlocking building blocks. Your imagination is the limit.

Mix and match programmable connected IoT modules as wheels or hinges in different ways to rapidly experiment with robot designs.

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10x Ease of Use With Appification of Robots

Ziro simplifies every robot into an app. Configure and control your robotic creations using Ziro mobile apps.

Enjoy Ziro apps or develop your own to take advantage of the sensors in the mobile devices.

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10x Engagement With Hardware Integration With Interactive Content

Ziro integrates robots with Cloud using IoT. Control your robotic creations directly from the interactive content in the cloud.

Experience the magic of integrated hands-on learning designed for the digital on-demand generation.

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