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Ziro Robotics Kit


The Kit Includes :

  • 4 Smart Ziro Modules

  • 1 Gesture Control Glove

  • 4 Ziro Wheels

  • 4 Ziro Connection Jackets

  • 1 Bag of Connectors and Building Blocks

  • 1 Module Charging Tray and 9 Volt Adapter

  • Micro USB Cable for Charging Glove

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Kit Contents


Smart Modules

These smart modules are equipped with smart servos that can be controlled via smart interactions


Smart Glove

The smart glove can be configured with 7 available gestures to make unique robotic movements

Construction Set.jpg

Construction System

The Construction system allows users to create variety of robotic configurations quickly and test them

Charging Tray.jpg

Charging System

The Modules are equipped with magnetic Chargers