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 Frequently Asked Questions

What does each Ziro robotics kit come with?

Ziro kit includes 4 wireless motor modules, smart wireless glove controller, 4 wheels, 4 connector jackets, a bag of connectors and building blocks, a charging tray with 9V adapter, and a micro USB cable for charging the glove. Users can also download the free Ziro companion mobile app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Who is Ziro for?

Ziro is perfect for anyone above the age of 8 who wants to learn and experiment with robotics, prototype new connected creations and inventions. This includes big kids, small kids, adults, educators. developers, artists, and storytellers.  It makes learning fun for children and students. It enables any software developer to develop advanced robots with zero hardware and electronics knowledge.

What does Ziro mobile app do?

Ziro app is used to quickly configure and program the robot interactions for glove or smart phone. It also includes the mobile controller functionality to control the robots using mobile devices.

What technology does Ziro use for wireless communications?

Ziro uses WiFi technology for wireless communications.

Do I need my own WiFi or internet to use Ziro?

No. Ziro creates its own local WiFi network. The kit comes with everything needed.

What are the Wifi network login details for Ziro?

Ziro smart glove and each module host their own Wifi networks. Glove’s Wifi SSID has the name ‘ZIRAAxxx’, where xxx is Kit ID. Module SSIDs have names ‘Mod-xxx-yy’. All the networks use the same password ‘zirokits’. When programming the glove using Ziro mobile app, users connect to the glove Wifi. When using mobile controller in the Ziro app, users connect to module Wifi module_xx_00. Alternatively, they can also connect to the glove network if glove is turned on.

What type of batteries do Ziro motor modules use?

Ziro motor modules contain rechargeable Li-ion 9 volts 880mAh batteries.

How much play time do the batteries give?

The Ziro module batteries offer up to 5 or 6 hours of playtime (depending on play) before needing to be recharged. The smart glove can be used up to 4 hours before needing to be recharged.

How do I charge the batteries in motor modules?

Ziro motor modules are charged with the charging tray that comes with the kit. There is no need to remove batteries to charge them.

How do I charge the smart glove?

The smart glove can be recharged using the micro USB cable supplied with the kit.