What is Ziro?


Groundbreaking Experiential Learning Platform

Ziro is world’s first IoT based modular robotics system that makes advanced robotics widely accessible to students, makers and developers. It comes with special IoT motor modules that are wirelessly controlled by mobile phone, smart glove or cloud. Powered by Quark OS, these modules can be used as wheels or hinges to quickly build robots in a bottom-up, distributed way.

Ziro Robots are super fun to control using smart interactions enabled by mobile phone or smart glove. Ziro mobile app makes it real simple to configure smart robots. Ziro simplifies robotics into software.


Why is Ziro Special?


Build Robots in Minutes, not Days

Build with award winning modular design system. No wires, no mess. Your imagination is the limit. Ziro is a perfect blend of design, technology and creativity.

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Smart Robots Are Just a Mobile App Away

Ziro mobile app makes programming robots simple. Select from preset robots or program your own. Never run out of robots to enjoy as Ziro ecosystem grows.

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Control Robots Intuitively with Smart Interactions

Control robots with your smartphone or hand gestures. Smart phones and sensors make robot interactions more intuitive and fun.

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